We are a Singapore Tuition agency established in Year 2000.

Highly experienced in this field,we are the people who can give you the assignments that you want!


Format for Registration as Tutors
Wednesday, September 24, 2008, 9:18 AM

To sign up with us as a Tutor, please send your

particulars to leetutors@gmail.com in the following

format -->

Name as in NRIC :

Identification Number :

Age :

Gender :

Nationality :

Race :

Home Address :

House Number :

Handphone Number :

Highest Qualification :

Current School/Course :

Intended Teaching Subjects (Please Include level eg. JC, Secondary, Primary etc.) :

O-level and/or A-level Grades for Subjects intended :

Locations you want to teach at :

Years of teaching experience :

Do provide all particulars for adminstration purposes. All particulars will be kept highly confidential. Do sign up with us as soon as possible!! Many assignments island-wide waiting for takers!! Tutors will be informed immediately of suitable assignments!!

Assignment Terms and Regulations
8:58 AM

In line with market practices, all Tutors will be paid only 50% of tuition fee for the 1st salary period. The other 50% of the tuition fees would go under Agency Fees. Tuition fees may vary depending on individual tuition assignment - Location of tuition, qualifications of tutors, teaching experience and number of teaching subjects. Lee-Tutors will personally collect the Agency Fees from the Clients after the mid-point of 1st salary period has commenced.


1 salary period consist of (4 lessons x 2 hours/lesson = 8 hours)

Tuition fee = $30/hour
Total Tuition fees = $30/hour x 8 hours = $240
Tuition Agency Fees = 50% x $240 = $120
Tutor's Fees = $240-$120 = $120


There will only be a one-time collection of Agency fees. Tutors will get full-month's pay from the second salary period onwards.

Service Guarantee

Tutors must always provide high levels of tuition services to the Clients. Should our Clients be unsatisfied with performance of the Tutor, they have the rights to let Lee-Tutors know within 2 lessons after the commencement of 1st lesson. The tutor will be replaced with immediate effect.


Lee-Tutors will not act as mediator for any disagreements or conflicts that arise between the tutor and student.

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